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It's a nifty little program, minimal impact on the network, has a lot of good features and is very reasonably priced. I've got about 30 users on it and it paid for itself in no time with just the savings on toll calls between offices. [....] I spent a lot of time trying to find a way to communicate with my users and this thing works like a charm.

John Marshall, W. J. Byrnes & Co.
This is one of the most stable chat server/client applications I have ever used. It has yet to fail me. I'm impressed. I use it so that I and my fiance and freinds who I work 3 hours from can keep in touch and have a chat room all to ourselves.

Adam Archer
Questo server secondo me è ottimo ( x non dire una figata!) Grazie!

Francesco Rollerman
Very good job.

Chris Thomopoulos
Pino ist ein wirklich gutes Programm ! Man ist nicht auf andere meist überlastete System angewiesen.

Uwe Henschel, ANGIESOFT
Hi ich finde pino wirklich super

Rainer Meier
I just kicked your server online. Looks fine and my friends think it is easy to use - congratulations. I didn't thougt that i find such a good configurable and easy2use client-server-app

Niklaus Baumann
Easy to use, simple to administrate, so tiny it fits on a floppy disk, and runnable 99.999% anywhere :) ...i'll soon have my pino 24/7 >> all i can say is THANXS :X

Matthew Keay
Just great. I use Pino on a intranet and every single user is very happy to chat with a great chat. Very impressive how little is the memory and cpu usage of Pino server is. [....] Just go on this way!!!! Pino FOREVER!!!!

Brendan, Bricke
Excellent. A program that does exactly what it says, with no bloat.

Doug J Abbott
You have made an excellent program here!! Keep up the good work.

Randolf Muller
I like the software thus far, I am getting my servers registered so I can make it available world wide. I like its ease of use and integration. I also noticed that it uses very little resources.

Rob, DefCharge
Hey everyone its me billybob, I just want to say, pino3 is looking good and is the best thing since sliced bread

Joshua Nickel, BillyBob

I've been using pino for a long time, im even planning on modifing the client myself

I looked at the coding and its superior quality.

Joe, Digital Networks
This is the coolest chatprog i ever used. No doubletalkin-colored-blinking buttons, just-what-i-need. Excellent work! We are using it since a long time.
(nagyon fasza kis chatprogit csináltatok!Gratu!)

Moravetz Sanyi, msanyi

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