1. Is PINO a webbased Chat?
    No. PINO is a client/server system and so you can only connect by using PINO 3. More information can be found here.
  2. Is PINO 3 compatible to PINO 2?
    No, unfortunately not.


  1. What is PLD?
    PLD is an abbreviation for "PINO launch definition". This is a technique, which makes it possible to start PINO 3 directly out of a browser and let it connect to a PINO 3-Server.

    For that you need to put a file with the extension PLD (eg. myserver.pld) on a webserver. This file has to match to the following format.

    Format Example
    PINO launch definition
    PINO launch definition
    My very own room

    The header and the server address are necessary (the room is optional). You can download a template here.
  2. PLD is not working for me. What can I do?
    PLD is automatically activated at the installation of PINO 3 (unless you deselected the particular checkbox). In the case, the necessary system entries are deleted or overwritten, you can reactivate them, by opening the options dialog in PINO 3, selecting the "General" tab and clicking on the "Associate .pld files with PINO 3" button. After these steps, PLD should immediately work again.
  3. Can I connect to a PINO 3-Server from the commandline?
    Yes, a correct login is done by this call.

    pino3.exe [server] [nickname] [password] [room]

    Server address Nickname Password Room
    Login as unregistered user pino3.exe hugo    
    Login as registered user pino3.exe hugo mimi  
    Login as unregistered user and joining a room
    (type something as password, otherwise the room will be recognized as password)
    pino3.exe hugo *** maxi
    Login as registered user and joining a room pino3.exe hugo mimi maxi
  4. Where can I find a list of all commands?
    Just around the corner :).

PINO 3-Server

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