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Dogmurder in Romania

Dear dog friends! The situation in Bucharest (Romania) gets beyond control! Some people (suborn by the unscrupulous mayor Traian Basescu) there do not even dread the most abominable crimes against animals.

The worst of it is, that these individuals (which do not deserve being called humans) are even protected by the laws enact by the mayor Traian Basescu. The people are asked to throw dogs from roofs. People crowded into an appartment of an old lady beat her up (she is in the hospital right now) and threw her loyal and harmless dog simply out of the window. In the "animal stations", they inject magnesium sulfates directly into the heart of the dogs. The dogs die around 30 minutes later under gruesome pain.

From Isabella Alexandrescu (journalist of the "Capital of Romania") comes an urgent assistance call to all dog friends! Although the mayor of Bucharest, Basescu, agreed by contract on 1st March 2001, that he will not kill dogs if citizens of Bucharest sign a written liability contract, he already was defaulting on 19th April and had the municipal "animal station" be sealed off by security forces. Alarmed citizens (who wanted to pick up their dogs) were not admitted and kept out under the use of water cannons. Since this day on, war prevails against the street dogs and the citizens. Mayor Basescu did not only commit a breach of contract in a blatant way, but offended against the civil rights in the same way.

Not even veterinaries are consulted for the killing. The dogs are killed without anaesthesia by ordinary staff of a cleaning and "pest control" company by injecting the deadly substances directly into their heart.

The public is shocked. Not even in the darkest period of communism such a barbarianism was possible.

How can you help? Please direct a short, polite but dedicated protest note to:

President of the Republic of Romania
Fax 0040 1 221 15 97
Prime minister of the Republic of Romania
Fax 0040 1 222 58 14 or 0040 1 231 69 81
Mayor of Bucharest
Fax 0040 1 312 00 30

Contact Isabella Alexandrescu, email, Tel./Fax: 0040-1-202 20 48. Mrs. Alexandrescu will gladly provide you with more information.