In order to compile PINO 3 and/or PINO 3-Server you will need the following applications

Checking out the source code

First of all you need to "download" the source code to your machine. This process is called "checking out". After having properly configured your CVS client (please consult the documentation of the client for this) you need to run these commands to get the source code.

To log in into the CVS server anonymously

cvs login

and to "check out" the source code.

cvs -z3 co -P pino3

Compiling PINO 3-Server

Compiling PINO 3-Server is an easy task. We recommend using Delphi 2 for building the executable (it also works with later versions, but some code might need to be adapted). After opening the server\source\pino3srv.dpr project file you should be immediately able to compile PINO 3-Server. If everything went fine you should have the executable "pino3srv.exe" in "server\bin", if not please let me know :).

Compiling PINO 3

This is a little bit more difficult. First of all you have to compile and install the Delphi package containing the required classes and control by PINO 3. This package is located in client\pino3pkg\pino3pkg.dpk. After having done this you just need to open client\source\pino3.dpr and compile PINO 3.

Joining the team

If you would like to participate in the development of PINO 3 and PINO 3-Server please contact the project manager at drzoid at